I am playing a game as Germany, with all of the axis countries set as ‘human’ so I can control the minors. I play through all the human axis players, and then right at the end on Slovakia’s turn, I go to preferences and set the AI move speed to the longest it can be so I can more easily see the USSR movements that are in range of my units. Except when I hit ‘done’ or whatever in the options menu, the game crashes. My new method is to save and quit to the main menu, then change the move speed from the main screen, then reload the saved game. That does not cause a crash. It only crashes if it is done in-game.

And on the topic of the movement speed, the slider bar is labeled “AI Move Speed”, so how come the slow 500 ms move speed applies to Human units as well? It would be nice if I had a “Human Move Speed” that I could set to fast and an “AI Move Speed” that I can set to slow so that I don’t have to keep going into preferences every turn. If it can’t be done, maybe change the slider bar title to “Unit Move Speed” so it is more accurate.