"RE: Time of fury? - 1/26/2011 11:31:34 PM
ORIGINAL: doomtrader

Von Altair, I have already wrote couple of times that we are going to bugfix Time of Wrath, and the next patch should be released in mid March. "

As I sayd before, I like this game. However there is currently several gamebreaking bugs and problems.
I've reported them in Matrixforums and Doomtrader is aware about them. He also promised patch coming
out at mid march. So what is current situation up here? Just tell us if Time of Wrath is not supported anymore.

If thats the case, the game is currently not worth the money, since its main game elements are NOT working.
That should also tell customers about Wastelands ability to support its products.

To refresh some memory:
1: Land AI still can't capture some cities/resource hex.
- ( http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.p...585dasajc1bqfu ). This screenshot shows out how German AI can't win Poland because AI is broken. Situation remains like this for a whole game up to 1945
if you bother to continue that long.

2: Naval AI doesnt work.
- Start a new game with Italy. Get all your naval to dock. Run few turns and you wont get ANY
damage to your resources. As soon as you move even one ship to the sea, it starts working.

- Naval AI tends to send out 1 ship fleets all over which gets killed without a blink of an eye.

3: CTD:s now and then. This is something I can't reproduce in any clear situation. It happens now
and then in different situations. Don't have savefiles.