Hello togehter,

i have bought the Game in the German Amazonstore at 04.02.2012. the installation under Win7 runs fine. The Version of the Game ist 1.05b. After i finished the Tutorial, i want to start the great China Campagne 1937. But after the Loading Screen, the Game will return to Desktop without a Warning. Every other Szenario/Campagne runs fine, if i can say that after a few turns. So i want to patch the Game again, to be sure there is everything in it. And now Matrixgames want a Seriellnumber of my Game. The Problem is, that i don`t find it. I look at the German Manual (7 Sites) and on the Disc. But neither i can find it. What can i do to a) fixe the China Campagne 1937 bug and b) where can i find my Seriellnumber??? Please help me and forgive me my bad english i am a german customer.

Thanks a lot for your help


PS: I can make a Photo from the juwel Case, Manuel and Disc, so that u see, that it is a original Game