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Thread: What world are you currently exploring through the activity of reading?

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    I'm taking a break from the war stuff and re-reading the Rozen Maiden manga now. I love the character designs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Reaper View Post
    I usually mix up a heavy read with a lighter novel these days to avoid reading burnout. Just finished the latest Game of Thrones book (A Dance Wiith Dragons). A good read but the story just rolls on and I can't see a satisfying conclusion coming anytime soon. Now reading the history of the English Civil War but unfortunately know that the Royals will be coming back to sponge off the country once Cromwell kicks the bucket.
    Game of Thrones is the TV series. The novel series are A Song of Ice and Fire (generally, while it has pretty detailed court intrigues and politics, let's not forget that in the end, the most important stuff happening is the dead guys attacking and dragons returning).
    BTW. I find it interesting that the TV series are called Game of Thrones while the first novel is called A Game of Thrones.
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