The "Great War" is already in progress & has been for decades. The Illuminati have been waging war on all humanity for generations;

Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn: "I don't want to talk about Bilderberg"

"Because we are under Maritime Law, humans themselves are now considered "a vessel on the seas". This gives the government the right to ticket, tax and even deny people the right to a trial by jury and due process, effectively bypassing our guaranteed constitutional rights. This Maritime Law now applies to money because of something called a 'maritime hypothecation'."

Charter of Carolina; June 30, 1665 (1)

"The United States Is Still British Colony"

Charter of Carolina; June 30, 1665 (1)
I included in my book "The United States Is Still British Colony" the Virginia and Carolina Charters of 1606,
1609, 1621, 1663 and 1669, and others. Recently I found the Carolina Charter of 1665, which I did not know
existed. The previous documentation is more than conclusive, however, if you did not have this record to prove
the Crown's control, all you would need is the Carolina Charter of 1665. It stands alone, I will inject my
commentary into the text, in brackets ( ). The information contained in this document is eye opening.
But first going forward in history, the State of North Carolina came into existence in 1776, under the 1776
North Carolina Constitution. However, with a reservation, the 25th section of the North Carolina Bill of Rights,
which proceeded the N.C. Constitution, not only part of the Constitution, but the foundation of the 1776 North
Carolina Constitution.
Before I deal with the reservation made in the North Carolina Bill of Rights in the 1776 Constitution, I need
to deal with the obvious. The members of the North Carolina Congress, which formed a royal Colony so to
speak, because the 7 lord proprietors having sold their granted lands back to the king, who then put in place his
governors and other officials, later created the State of North Carolina. You have to understand the legal word,
"of", which means, belonging to, the State belonging to. To what? Carolina. Which Carolina? The only Carolina
in existence with the legal authority to incorporate. The Carolina Corporation, that just minutes before the 1776
N.C. Constitution was signed, was the only Corporation that existed. The Carolina Charter "Corporation" was
created by another Corporation, the Crown, the king's Corporation to do business in his name. The Corporation's
of the king were only re organized by the 1783 Paris Treaty, and Corporate rights of the Crown were further
protected by the 1794 Jay Treaty and the 1815 Ghent Treaty. To again prove the States, nor the people had right
of ownership in this country, accept for those that had land grants from the king, or lessor title coming from
those holding land grants, read the following cases.
"But this State had no title to the territory prior to the title of the King of Great Britain and his subjects, nor did
it ever claim as lord paramount to them. This State was not the original grantor to them, nor did they ever hold
by any kind of tenure under the State, or owe it any allegiance or other duties to which an escheat is annexed.
How then can it be said that the lands in this case naturally result back by a kind of reversion to this State, to a
source from whence it never issued, and from tenants who never held under it? MARSHALL v. LOVELESS, 1
N.C. 412 (1801), 2 S.A. 70