So you are asking yourself, why am I here. Good question.
Saw the link in a thread at Matrix Games, curiosity got me. Looks ok, I hope I can rely on your quote at the top of the forum.
I have used this forum software before, I don't mind it.
I don't mind wargames. Well the detail appeals to me. Not sure if I am any good. My other half is a lot better.
Hey not everyone likes MMOs and all the mouse clicking stuff.
I think more women would be happier with their guys if they tried to play some of their games instead of complaining they are being ignored all the time to play the games. Besides, it makes it easier to make him do some of the things I want to do.
I prefer board games though, it's more personal and it's more me and him, not me and a computer screen. Not that I hate computer ones. Just so long as playing them is more fun than my housework. It's nice that computer games don't use up all of my kitchen. But I learned early, computer games don't make you learn the game the hard way. And too many of them just seem like eye candy.
Currently my favourite is Advanced Squad Leader. I never forget him telling me how much it cost. What are you nuts? Oh well, have you seen how much you can spend on sewing machines? A friend of mine told me how much his mother had spent on hers. What is she nuts?

My other half has said he hates the internet, so it will just be me here.