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Thread: ARMA 2 mod Day Z...

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    ARMA 2 mod Day Z...

    This mod is taking the the world of online gaming by storm. Using the Hi Fidelity ARMA 2 game and then modding in a zombie apocalypse it seems they ultimate Zombie survival game has been unleashed. A place where Zombies aren't your only worries but other survivors are also a major threat. The tension runs high as you try and eek out some sort of living. How long can you survive? Can you avoid the bandits? Is that other survivor a friend or a foe, or are you considering the idea of shooting him down to rob his belongings so you can survive another day. Or is he thinking the same. Maybe if you make friends you can team up? Is he thinking the same thing? Are you being watched by another friend of his, are you in their sights?

    All these worries you face during your quest for survival.

    Follow Rock Paper Shotguns Jim R in his quest to live!

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    That explains a lot; I was wondering why ArmA 2 was suddenly floating around the top of the Steam charts for no apparent reason. Must give the mod a go.

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    So, ArmA2 suddenly became very popular because of a fantasy/horror mod?
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    Day Z will require ARMA II and ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead to operate. You can buy these online as ARMA II: Combined Operations via Steam for about $25. I can't recall correctly what other offers can come with the purchase (you may sometimes be able to get ARMA X Anniversary, OFP: CWC etc with it) but these will be irrelevant.

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