With the recent Ogre Kickstarter hitting the net and getting lots of attention I was hit by a wave of nostalgia, I was drenched in card board counters of souped up MG totting cars,wrecks,mines,flamethrowers,well thumbed rule book,car sheets,Mondos and a big paper Hex map! Once I'd brushed myself down I thought about that fateful day I ventured into the local Model Shop called The Model Shop in Exeter at the charity shop end of the Hight Street. I walked past the Airfix kits and remote control cars towards the dimly lit counter at the back of the shop. I was eleven years old. My life was about to change.

When I got to the counter I was confronted by an assortment of items I'd never seen before, infact I had no idea they existed. At the time I had discovered The Hobbit and wa sin the process of reading Lord of the Rings. These books had already opened a whole new world of myth and magic to me. Something had clicked and I realised this was the kind of thing I'd be looking for when it came to books etc. Anyway there in front of me was what looked like some kind of album cover. A whole pile of square shrinwrapped cardboard with drawings of Wizards and Orcs and Castles and all sorts of creatures I'd just come across in LOTR. I picked one up for a close look. The words across the top said RAVENLOFT then it said A Dungeons and Dragons adventure module. Dungeons and Dragons...my eleven year old imagination was now firing on all cylinders infact it was revving like the best sports car made..ever... What was all this. I looked at more the excitement growing all the time. I'd just stumbled across a whole new world, a world of which I never knew existed. RPG. Role Playing Games. So I could be Aragorn!! I could play Aragorn in a game and all these modules where adventures I could go on! Oh boy! I then spotted something in the counter behind the glass. Goblins. Yes there where about 10 beautiful made Goblins, similar size to my Dads old lead toy soldiers. These also where made from lead (not the light metals the minis are made from today), they where solid and heavy and had amazing details. I noticed they came in cardboard boxes, several figures in a box. There where others Orcs, Kobolds,Humans, Elves you name it I saw the box. I can't remember who made them, it wasn't Games Workshop though there where GW mini's there this was in a time when GW weren't all consuming and where just another mini maker. So not only could I play this RPG called Dungeons and Dragons but you also used these figures! WOW! In a state of shock and awe I looked up to a carousel on the counter.....

Thats when I saw it. Hanging on the Carousel was these small plastic boxes and on the front in big words it read Car Wars! Car Wars. I took a step back. Where am I? This was like toy heaven, one amazing thing after another.I took it off the carousel and read the back. A game about Car's kitted out with weapons and you raced around blowing up other cars and mowing down pedestrians and not only that you designed the car! All in this little box. I looked up and read Sunday Drivers a Cat Wars expansion. I put Car Wars back and read the back. Now I could race around a City taking out a gang called Mondos and police and bikes! The art work on both was superb. When I see it now it really has a feel and look of the times. I put it back. That was it. From now on I knew where my paper round money was going. The first thing to buy was that game Car Wars by that Steve Jackson then Sunday drivers and I also had seen Truck Stop the second car Wars expansion. That can wait. Car Wars and Sunday Drivers first. Once they where bought it was onto those other games called Role Playing Games especially that Dungeons and Dragons and those modules....oh and those fantastic figures!

The nest week I walked into that shop called The Model Shop and walked back out clutching a little plastic box with two big words written on the top....Car Wars!