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Thread: Whats your favorite food?

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    Really good pizza from Chicago. Homemade ice cream. Mexican food. This is to difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doomtrader View Post
    I love junk food and sweets, but with this type of work I'm slowly starting to resign.
    No sugar in coffee, no Potato Chips, no chocolate, no sparkling drinks, I'm trying to stay around 1500 kcal per day now which is really hard, so I'm walking hungry for most of the day. (I'm a big guy - over 230 pounds and over six feets)
    Sounds like way too few kcal for your weight and height.
    Generally, one shouldn't go below ones resting metabolic rate when it comes to dropping weight. Eating less is dangerous and tends to slow down metabolism which decreases the speed of losing weight

    The best way to drop weight without risking health is to calculate ones resting metabolic rate and eat a bit above it.
    Here's a calculator in Polish.
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    I had a pretty great day food-wise:

    I LOVE LOVE fresh and/or exotic breads...So I had lunch at PANERA with my wife and boy (who oddly loves good bread too!).
    Then had a, just made fresh from a cow ten feet away, perfect chocolate ice cream which you can get at the Milwaukee Zoo.
    Ordered a perfect just greasy enough but not too greasy Sausage Pizza.
    Ate perfect Tiramisu (And I can't stand coffee!).

    I am thin with the worlds best metabolism..but the food I love I LOVE!

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