One of the things I have not seen mentioned is this... there are several big reasons to have borders. Let's not get overwhelmed about how right it is that we took the land that the British took from the French and so on and so on and so on. We bought some of it from the French who took it from the Indians and we took some of it from Spain who took it from the Indians. We could go on forever. I'm a legal citizen and grand son of legal immigrants. They were from all over but the majority of my ancestry is from Poland (/wave Perturabo) and Switzerland - my legacy is I have a Polish last name (and a German first name /scratches my head). Poland at one point was the largest country in Europe. Do we give all their land back to them? Who decides the borders? Do the Normans give England back to the Saxons? (Probably a good idea to note I have Native American blood, too. I'm truly a mongrel - a true son of the melting pot).

No, that is an exercise in futility.

But, after we get past that we have to understand there is a reason for borders and a reason for laws on immigration. All countries have laws on immigration. One of the biggest problems I foresee, and it is already here in the U.S., are people coming in who have diseases that have not been treated or have been treated poorly. Antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis is now a problem here. Mexico sells antibiotics over the counter. We misuse it as well, but not as much as that. Cases of Polio are re-occurring. It was all but wiped out in the U.S. One of the processes of legal immigration is to make sure you have been treated for diseases that are contagious. Illegal immigration bypasses that control.

Another is terrorism. I think we can discuss into the night elsewhere the causes, who is at fault, have we screwed up trying to fight it, etc., but open borders lets in people fairly easily who are not good people. Some might want to commit illegal acts. We have been fortunate so far, but we should not kid ourselves.

Anyway, I am FOR legal immigration and I recognize the need to control it to the extent that a country has to make sure they aren't criminals or carrying diseases that we need to treat and any number of other reasons. Let's not make it easy for people here illegally to become citizens because of these issues. All countries have some form of legal immigration and have laws. Many of them, and that includes Mexico, are tougher on illegal immigrants than we are. Let's realize that.