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Thread: To those still here.

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    To those still here.

    Sad to say the revamp was as someone said a failed experiment. I tried to get it going then hoped it would take a life of it's own and that just didn't happen. Not enough came over from the Matrix general discussion section. People have habits that can't be broken. I then became involved in game design so my own output tailed off to pretty much nothing.

    It was worth a shot.

    The forum will remain open though I need to speak with Les about a revamp again at some point, especially with the game design ideas we have going or a shut down for abit maybe.

    Anyway happy hunting.

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    Sorry, Jason. I come over and comment some. But, probably not enough.
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    Sad to say the revamp was as someone said a failed experiment.
    Failed?? What ya mean failed??! Ive had a grand ol' time!!
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