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Thread: What's your latest purchase?

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    He said no
    Finally found it, knew I has seen one of you boys ask the question.

    Hmm what does a woman want in a wargame?

    I have no clue, can I leave now?

    Oh ok I will try and do a poll of one person.

    Has to be fun.
    Don't use the word dumbed down or I will smack you.
    Interactive as much as possible, I am not interested in boring waiting.
    A blended turn like with Squad Leader where both players are always paying attention and always doing something. Not sure why more games can't do this without resorting to just another mouse clicking thing.
    Not gamey, I hate gamey.
    Sense of humour in it. Not sure how to do that one.
    A story, it needs to be more engaging than a dull documentary.
    Does it really need to be ruthlessly tied to a real historical moment? Can't it be just like WW2 but in a non earth world?
    Please don't go on about how cool it is I like wargames. It gets old.
    Some of my comments are just me parroting his bitching.

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    My latest purchase was Arkham Asylum for $4. But, you have to sign up on the Microsoft signup deal and it kept saying my sign up wouldn't work. So, all I could do was play it without saving the game. I played about 10 minutes and quit and have not started it again.

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    Max Payne 3..enjoying it. Last wargame purchase Tigers Unleashed which with the latest beta patch is coming good.

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    Solo Flight.
    "And as the light embraces the wanderer,
    as knees bend as thought is obliterated,
    with the very moment that resistance has ceased,
    now, I am become death, the enemy of man."

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