Well OFF P4 now has a new name Wings Over Flanders Field. Not sure baout the name. What i will say is that Phase 3 was mu favourite WW1 sim and by far the most atmospheric even if it wasn't as high tech as Rise of Flight with regards to flight models. Someone once said if you want to fly a plane in WW1 get OOF P3 if you want to fly a WW1 plane get RoF. I say get both but the saying does stand. Now Wings Over Flanders field is taking the sim even further doing things that you'd never think possible with the highly criticised CFS 3 engine.

Watch the two trailers below. For me it's a first day purchase. Trailer 2 looks excellent though both need to be watched.

Oh and read this...
"The DM modelling and code has been completely overhauled and replaced, flying flamers, although reduced in P3, were a problem in the native CFS3 damage code.
Now in WOFF the craft will burn and then slowly disintegrate over time as the flames spread to critical components.The fire essentially spreads and causes critical failures in components such as wing spars etc - hence the break up.
hope to show a lot more of the new DM in action in the coming weeks.
The CFS3 instant death was also a hard code issue and yes also overhauled.You can now stay in sim after crashing and watch events around you."