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Thread: Car Wars type game...your opinions...

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    Car Wars type game...your opinions...

    OK not sure who are old players here but if someone was going to develop a Car Wars style turn based game what are the must have features you'd want to see.

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    nice well thanks to share this....!!!!

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    Well, that doesn't really say anything. =)
    What kind of game? A strategy game where you conduct a campaign on a larger map and fight battles as they emerge? A linear campaign/story? Multiplayer skirmishes only, aka no need for an AI?
    What scope? How large are tactical maps, how large the strategical map if there is one? In which detail are the vehicles modeled, what kind of units are there, and what can be the size of one's army?

    What feature's are "must have" really depends on what game you're planning.
    There's no use in asking for container ships to carry your army across oceans if you can only have a single car and no use planning romantic involvement of the drivers if vehicles themselves are already abstracted to 3 or 4 numbers. =)

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