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    Sorry I was reading a Parruski post about his daughter liking the three stooges.

    Well here goes.I'm a longtime grognard, been playing wargames since 1966-67 or so. Or more to the point what we had for wargames then. I hit my glory years in the 70s with SPI and Avalon Hill etc..

    I married and then had kids and no more room for my games. So I turned them all in for computer wargames in 1988 or so. Of course once I had enough room I bought all the games again and then some.

    I am also a bit of a computer geek and of course a history nut nonpareil. I have stacks and stacks of books from library sales not too many new ones. I modded my Nook color ( soft modded so it is still a Nook if you want it to be )so that now I can buy books from any seller when they are on sale.

    The only thing I do not like with wargaming is playing a real human opponent. A lot of people are " rule nuts " and have read the rules until they can recite them in their sleep. All the while looking for loopholes.

    If it is a computer or boardgame I will not make move etc. that is ahistorical or a flight of fancy. I once had an opponent take Moscow with a antiaircraft battery. Come on, 1000 soldiers and a few 88s. End of game.

    So hello to all.

    I forgot the most important four kids and one wonderful wife of almost thirty years. I almost forgot one dog an old English bull dog. She doesn't look like a Bulldog. It is a cross of a Boxer and a Mastiff.
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