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    Can someone explain to me why no one is updating this game?

    I know that the copyright ended up with someone who is uninterested in it, or so I have been told.

    Does anyone know the real story.

    AOR = Age of Rifles for you youngins.

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    No idea. I thought Matrix was getting those games, must have got it wrong. Funny enough though I see it mentioned by many on the forums yet I never played it, infact I've never even seen it reviewed or played or any AAR's or anything. Yet it was so well loved. I'd be interested in an AAR if there are any oldies on the net.

    Hmm just had an idea...finding old AAR's from golden oldies that are languishing on the net somewhere and reviving them on here in their own forum.

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    A better question would be why no one cloned it?
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    Not sure if anyone owns the copyright to it,seen it floating round the net as abandonware,like a lot of old SSI titles,remember playing it years ago.

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