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Thread: Do you have a good idea?

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    Do you have a good idea?

    Do you have a good idea for a boardgame? Care to share? I'd love to hear about it...

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    He said no
    Hmm at least the spam bot picked a worth while thread to bump.

    I will suggest what I consider 'holes' in gaming.

    Up Front is a great game. Sadly the owners are sitting on it. I suggest someone simply go around this barrier by re inventing it. Hey it didn't stop that guy from making that sham ATS to get around not being able to market ASL goods.

    Not that it has to be squad tactical. It could just as easily being a card recreation of the Panzerblitz level of gaming.

    I also think the idea behind Columbia Games using wooden blocks could really do well in the ASL range of action. But not make it historical, make it like a squad tactical version of their design Victory (red vs blue). Make it like WW2, but not fixate on nationality.

    I also once saw a design of a Chess concept. It was called Choice. The board was randomly placed tiles that locked together so that you didn't get a standard shape Chess board. Now take the random board notion, and make it wargame tiles ala ASL and presto you could make an infinite number of board arrangements.
    Please don't go on about how cool it is I like wargames. It gets old.
    Some of my comments are just me parroting his bitching.

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