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Thread: Just my luck

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    Just my luck

    My ex had a habit of ripping up and binning my books during and argument. I had one, a novel set on the eastern front whihc I ahd bough from Amazon ISA for abotu 30 as it was a private small print and only a few where published. I think i was half way though and it was a good read when it went "missing"...

    Check this Amazon page...I've seen it sold for half this aswell...

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    There's no link. I wish I had a dime for all the (now) antiques which my family and I have thrown away over the years. Or what if I had kept my old '69 Camaro? But such is life.

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    I don't think that price means anything unless someone actually buys it.
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    He said no
    My books mean too much to me. If someone were to do that to me once, well there wouldn't be a twice.

    But to pay that much for a book? I'd want intervention on my behalf.
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    Here is the link
    OK. Seen enough. Call the lawyers!

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    Well I've seen it sold for around the £1000 mark.

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