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    wodin at Matrix told me about this place so I thought I'd drop by and see what's up.

    I'm a lifetime PC strategy game / Boardgame geek.

    I've been playing games from Matrix and some from Battlefront for as long as they've been around.

    Currently, I'm working on my own game.

    Not much more to say.

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    Hello! Welcome to a gathering of geeks and misfits, a place where we can socialise with people on our level, the chat never gets old, exciting stories are told! Enjoy the comfort of good friends and witty words.

    Oh and Keep working on that masterpiece! If you ever need a private forum for testing etc give me a shout.

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    Gordianknot, I'm very much interested in your game and have bookmarked your website. I hope you are able to finish it because I'm definitely interested in its completion.

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    GordianKnot, would you care to share some info about your game?

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    Here is a link to my blog about the game.

    Its been a while since I updated it. I'm on the verge of finishing production and supply. This has been far more complicated than I had imagined. It always amazes me at how bad I am at predicting the difficulty of things. Having the OS crash followed immediately by a bad hard drive didn't help matters.

    I just found out recently that although all my source code and images survived, I lost all of my Photoshop custom brushes and had to recreate them. I'll never get them quite the same as before!

    Anyway, supply and production are working but I need to fully build out France so they have a supply network. Up till now, only Spain has really been completed and France is bringing mobile supply to the fight which runs out very quickly. Once that is done, I will give an update post showing more detail. I then will probably have to do a great deal of tweaking to get balance right.

    And then, on to unit production...

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    And thanks to all for the support! I hope I finish it too. Job, wife and kids are my biggest roadblocks!

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