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Thread: Hi everybody.

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    Hi everybody.

    Hi my name is Paulo but you can call me VP.
    I'm from Portugal and I'm 47 years old.
    Some of you probably already know me from Matrix, Slitherine, Combat Ace and ArmA forums.
    At least I was able to see some familiar names.
    Anyway the guilty one for me being here is Wodin.
    I like this kind of forums where people seem to share the same gaming interests.


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    He said no
    Hello Paulo, not familiar with you, but we both seem to know Jason.
    Please don't go on about how cool it is I like wargames. It gets old.
    Some of my comments are just me parroting his bitching.

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    Hello and Welcome my friend. Spread the word about the forum as it's very relaxed and a good place to hang out with some great characters (Joan being one of them) and individuals who all get along well (except in the Great debate forum but it's all good humoured).

    Oh this is Wodin by the way!

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