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Thread: HPS Sims Squad Battles series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kemmo View Post
    The moment you find a game a chore it's time to find another game to play.
    Yeah, but when you are as psycho as JasonRimmer, which game???

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    Well all games become a chore to me depending on my mood. Though I may suddenly have an intense phase again of playing it then stop for awhile then go back (if it was really really good).

    Just the thought of having to play it puts me off it...odd I suppose but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joan d'Arc View Post
    Just occurred to me "Mainly as I hate having to do turns even if I didn't feel like playing" I have actually heard MMO players lament about 'needing to raid' and not really wanting to play at that moment, but were basically expected to be there by the guild.

    The moment you consider a game a chore, well you've done something wrong
    That used to be a really bad thing back in the hayday of Everquest. Those guys were raiding almost every night. I remember one guild went through all of Planes of Power before Sony had the expansion "finished". They thought no one would ever get that far that fast. The end raid monster was the generic human that was 30 feet tall. A place-holder and it had no loot. They were really po'ed.

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