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Thread: Game design abstractions

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    Depends on the mood I'm in.Sometimes I'll play low unit short turn stuff,other times I'm happy with big games like WitE.

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    I think its important that the game has the right level of abstraction. As already pointed out, having a game that covers the largest and most complex naval war in history track individual pilots is a bit much.

    Why not have individual crew members on each ship while you're at it?

    I like games with lots of units as long as the game engine gives me the ability to manage them effectively. WITE is right at the limit of my ability to keep track of all my units. I hate the idea that I might have left something undone before I hit the next turn button!

    That's why I like the idea of a 'Next' key to cycle through all my unmoved units just to make sure. In fact, I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts in general. Granted, there's a little bit of a learning curve before you learn the keystrokes, but once you do, its much quicker than scrolling around and clicking to do every little thing.

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    Precision is good for damage porn.
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    In a tactical game I want little abstraction as possible, the higher the scale the more abstract mechanics should come into play. Though I hate step loss in wargames.

    Talking of naval games I would like Steam and iron to have modelled the crew in even more detail, chrome wise more then anything but also to do with mechanics as if the crew was modeled for wounds and death in the right areas it would effect the performance of the ship depending on where they where killed\wounded, so you have the detail that effects the game BUT it doesn't add any more load onto the player.

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