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Thread: Is this another Germany-centered Grand Strategy game?

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    Is this another Germany-centered Grand Strategy game?

    Your game looks very interesting and I already preordered anyway. But I would like to know: will this be another German-centered strategy game where you TECHNICALLY can play all countries but only Germany is viable because if the main aggressor of the war is handled by the AI it just doesn't generate any real threat? Is the AI scripted to attack each historic objective the same way each time? Or does it actually think?
    Also, related to that, in the gameplay video to Germany I saw that there are several events. Could you give a rough estimate how many events one can expect during a game? Is is just a dozen basic ones (basically just the historical "declare war" events), or more events? And, will the minors have any events? If I play countries like Romania, Hungary or Belgium can I actually DO anything? Or just wait until the war starts and kill a few enemy units with my weak weark army?

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    Actually we have tried to give most of the countries the same possibilities as they have in real life. It means that Romania would not be able to conquer SU alone, but it should be possible to them to conquer some other minor neighbors.
    We have decided to put as little events as possible, as we wanted Strategic War in Europe to be easy to pickup and fast to play.
    If someone likes many decisions, hundreds of units and many many hours to play one game then there is a Time of Fury.

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