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Thread: Ever felt like doing this?

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    Ever felt like doing this?

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    I think I probably have once or twice.

    But what was more likely to happen with me was a " rule king " would show me how the rules allowed him to use or make an ahistorical move. Then I would roll up the rules and jam it down their windpipe.

    I don't know why but I'm pretty much a solo player now.

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    He said no
    ASL, the only game with so many rules so involved so detailed, that the average argument over something usually goes like this

    Ok we can't find a ruling either way and it has been 10 minutes, rock paper scissors for the decision.

    I also hate how some role games become too cluttered with broken ill advised badly thought out power gamer driven obscenities. Dungeons and Dragons likely would be more fun if the rules actually were written by wargamers. They try to be as detailed as wargames, make a fuss claiming it is all just guidelines, and then seem surprised when the wheels fall off.
    Please don't go on about how cool it is I like wargames. It gets old.
    Some of my comments are just me parroting his bitching.

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    In these days of so many more boardgames it seems more seldom that I argue over rules interpretations themselves vs whether the rules/game were flawed in the first place which would explain why my opponent was beaten. As it obviously couldn't have been his lack of good decisions or whatever. Clearly the game was unbalanced, unplaytested, etc. and this is why he lost....

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