The forces of Grey Haven managed to win the artillery duel. All the artillery of the Castle Green Hill is destroyed or out of ammo.

The enemy has destroyed the northern/central portion of the outer defence ring. The losses include two rotary gun sections. Enemy infantry and the enemy Monitor manage to approach about 500 metres of the outer defence ring.

The first wave of enemy soldiers is repulsed. The Monitor is still closing in, though. Infantry in the southern corner engages the remaining gunboat.

Soon its abandoned by its crew.

One Armoured Frigate is closing in. Since both Armoured Frigates are in one squadron, it means that the other one is immobilized.

The Monitor disappears as it enters a blind spot of my defenses.

The enemy throws another wave at the defences.

Only to be repulsed with rifle fire.

And another wave. The enemy seems to like attacking in wedges.

Things start looking dangerous, so I direct some of my reserves to reinforce the inner ring of defences. A moment later I order the reserves near the park to take position on the Town 2 objective that was freed by the reinforcements.

So passed the first hour of the assault.