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Odd that I never bought Command Ops, maybe it is time I do so. Anyone wanna convince me to do it??
All games need something to make them stand out to be better than the rest. Otherwise they get lost in the background noise.

The game's graphics won't wow you, they are topographical map looking and very utilitarian wargame symbology units.

I think the game's main selling point is it has no turns for the I hate turns crowd, and it has a tangible credible enforcement of command control pleasing the turn liking crowd that percieves anything without turns to be too arcade feeling. It's only failing is possibly wargaming has been beating to death the Battle of the Bulge for some time, and Market Garden is not really unique either. CotA might be a better choice to stick your toes in if you want to at least see something fresher. I'm thinking their upcoming France 1940 setting will be nice for a change as well.