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Thread: Alfa: Antiterror

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    Alfa: Antiterror

    A few years old game come into my hands: "Alfa: Antiterror". It's an interesting plan&go game with 20s intervals where you command each soldier individually, similar to Frozen Synapse, but with more details, terrain and tactical options.

    The game is quite unforgiving, as one unlucky hit from the enemy can kill or heavily wound your soldier and the second rends him useless. It rewards sweeping the terrain cautiously and checking all zones from time to time.
    Soldiers on both side are definitely mortal beings, not robots with health points. Although not every hit is critical, especially when wearing heavier armour, after the first bullet usually a bunch of next are coming, as even the old AKM has high rate of fire.
    Fortunately your soldiers aren't dumb and when fired upon the immediately fall down of dash behind a tree of building corner.

    You can select your armament from a limited list, but all you need is there (maybe a shotgun could be added): assault rifles, MGs, SMGs, pistols, grenade launchers and hand grenades. Some weapons can be equipped with scopes, silencers or under-barrel grenade launchers.
    The noise signature makes a big difference, and I could see the reason to equip my special force with Groza rifles comparing to AK-74.
    There are vehicles present, but you can't command them. You can get inside most of the buildings.

    The graphics is acceptable and works fast, but the textures are washed-out and anti-aliasing seems to be turned off.

    I consider it worth a try. Definitely it gave me more fun then the "Jagged Alliance: Back in Actions", which bored me to death in half an hour.
    The campaign is though from the start. Only Russians could release a game where you can easily die the first minute intending the game to reach less casual gamers.

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    So difficult. The game could have been excellent if it wasn't so damn hard. Also I believe in multiplayer there are lot so different nations special forces to play around with yet you can't in single player.

    I don't mind more hardcore games but this one just seemed to be way stacked against you for the start. Shame no one ever modded it.

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    For modding you have to first crack the zip password. All the data is stored in pak-s, but they are password protected.

    It's hard, but I enjoyed. In the first campaign mission, when you are heavily outnumbered I lost my driver, but after the 4th turn a large allied force comes to aid you and from that moment it's much easier. Just not to be reckless. It's hard to keep alive for that 4 first turn your companions, but that's not the goal. It's just you that need to survive.
    I also played the fist stand alone mission and the difficulty level there was perfect. I was cautious and I beat it the first time with only one (from six) of members lightly wounded.
    There are many maps for multiplayer game, but unfortunately you can't make the computer to take control of one of the players. It allows also for a hot-seat mode.

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