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Thread: Napoleons campaigns II

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    Napoleons campaigns II

    Well the forum on Paradox Interactive ( Sweden I suppose ) is gone so I guess that's it, unless Paradox France picks it up.

    I see that Paradox has posted about " The march of eagles" which seems to be NCII in different clothing.

    But the posts seem to say it will be much closer to EUIII than a new game.
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    It was going to be like EU3 anyway once they used the Clauswitz engine.

    They can't use NC2 as they never made NC1 so they have had o give it a different name, plus any ageod work would be taken out.

    I'm looking forward to Ageods Rome game more anyway. I think for the Napoleonic wargame I'd buy Les Grognards Histwar.

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