A naval/cavalry group composed of:
4 Dragoon squadrons (boot/horseshoe flag)
2 Cuirassier squadrons (horseshoe/armour plate flag)
2 Monitors (anchor/armour plate flag)
1 Gunboat squadron (anchor/armour plate flag)
Encountered an enemy naval/cavalry group.

I ordered one Monitor to move along road to the HILL 2 objective and another Monitor to move along the road North of the OBJ 1 objective.
I ordered two Dragoon squadrons to capture the HILL 1 objective, one to capture the HILL 2 objective and one to capture the OBJ 1 objective.

I left the Gunboat squadron and two Cuirassier squadrons in reserve.

Initial deployment and orders.

Monitor firing at enemy units.

Two of three objectives are occupied. Steam Coaches on the OBJ 1 objective are fired upon by a lone enemy Gunboat (Red boat icon a bit under 03,00). The Monitor on the South doesn't have a line of sight on it. I order the Monitor on the North to move further East along the road to engage it.

Meanwhile the Dragoon squadrons on sent to capture the HILL 1 objective enter some rough terrain and four Steam Coaches are immobilized. I forgot to set their pathfinding to Quickest and they took the Shortest path. I order the dismounts to move to HILL 1 on their feet.

Monitor engages the enemy Gunboat. My own Gunboat squadron moves East to attack the enemy forces.

After a two minute exchange of fire, the enemy Gunboat is destroyed. From that range (about 2km), it took 4 hits to destroy it.

Monitors move towards the enemy dismounted Dragoons to destroy them in close combat. Cuirassiers move East to engage them with their Steam Coach-mounted rotary guns.
My Dragoons at the Hill 1 objective are attacked by enemy Cuirassiers. I order the Gunboat squadron to move North to engage them.

Enemy Gunboats join the Cuirassiers in attack on the HILL 1 objective.

The last Gunboat is destroyed by my Dragoons on the objective.

And finally... a victory!

Enemy Armoured Frigate. Apparently it got immobilized when trying to cross the forest.

AAR. The losses are pretty one-sided as almost all the enemy artillery ships were attacking through the forest on the North while all my artillery ships were attacking through the Centre or along the roads. It left the enemy Cavalry on mercy of my Monitors and Gunboats. To add an insult to injury the enemy Armoured Frigate failed to connect with my forces at all.

Order of Battle:


Any comments?