I no longer have time to play incessantly, so I haven't actually finished a game. This is due to learning how things work, and also due to restarting so to change country difficulty levels in order to achieve reasonable balance. But, here are some questions and a few suggestions as well.

1) Would be nice to have "dug-in" level somewhere on the unit display

2) Kiel Canal? GErman fleets should have access to North Sea right from the start

3) Any chance we can have some (understated) combat sounds? With option to turn up, down or off

4) Any thought given to having Partisans represented? Russia and Yugo in particular.

5) Baltic vital-metals convoy, Sweden -> GErmany?

6) Ships should not be able to move in the same turn they are repaired, same as with land-based units

7) "Sleep" option for units? So they won't be incl when you use "next unit" cycling

8) If English Channel is indeed a separate zone, it is not apparent looking at the game-board

9) USA's CV "Ranger" appears too soon and too close to Euro coast; don't believe American early war policy permitted that?

10) Too easy to get Minors aligned; either the AI needs to attend to "counter-diplo" or the chance for success could be lowered? GErmany got Spain all 3 brief games I played

11) Minor Nations should not be able to buy Para force; some limit for all nations?

12) Air forces allowed to base in high Mountain hexes? Appreciate that no-stacking reduces available hexes, but it just doesn't seem right somehow

14) Seems as tho Leaders are too readily available; perhaps some expense or other method -- so that they are more likely to arrive gradually?

15) Where is Iceland? Minor matter, but the map should be complete

16) Given no stacking, which is fine by me -- shouldn't Air Forces have (maybe 70% chance?) ability to re-base when opposing armies are adjacent to their hex?

17) Would really like to see the weather sprites toned down some; as is they (esp Snow) make it hard to see the underlying units and hexes


Enough for now. More later.