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    Just played a couple of games using the 1939 scenario playing (watching!) as Ireland through to the Fall of France (T13 in both instances) to see what the AI would do.

    Two immediate observations

    1. The AI does not use Air units at all - the German FTRs and TAC sat exactly where they started - no attacks, no interceptions (not that the lone French TAC or the RAF did anything either, thus there was nothing to intercept), no rebasing, nothing.

    2. The French abandoned Paris (sometimes leaving a sole unit, in one instance their FTR unit) moving towards Bordeaux and Vichy. This was after abandoning the Low Countries / German border in the first instance leaving one sole unit at the North of the Maginot Line as the sole defence against the German invasion of France.

    Which all reminds me of this post I made over in the Matrix ToF forum about the first semi-public Beta of Small Europe / SWIE in March

    Played through to T11 as USSR - didn't do much with the USSR just wanted to observe the German AI

    Observations on the German AI

    1. Didn't attack at all with the Tac Bomber unit
    2. For the first 4 turns (until fall of Poland) all German air units rebased themselves each turn
    3. From then until T11 with attacks happening against the Low Countries and Denmark by ground units all of the air units including the Italian fighter clustered within 1-2 hexes of Berlin with the Tac to the East and therefore again making no ground attacks.
    4. German ground units didn't seem to combine to make any multi hex attacks on a target unit.
    5. German units did not occupy objective hexes where an enemy unit had been destroyed even though multiple units had AP to reach the hex and no enemy units were nearby - they did however then occupy it in the following turn.

    Also noted that the French 5e and 3e Armies abandoned the Maginot Line to fall back on Paris.

    4. and 5. do seem to have been fixed however.
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