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Thread: Editor Questions, Part I

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    Editor Questions, Part I

    Working on the Naval MOD (reducing ships by 50-60%) today and I have a few questions:

    1) I notice that you have a line-item for "In Reserve." What does that mean?

    2) There is another line-item for "Availabilty Turn." Does that mean that I can designate which turn any given unit arrives? [1... 70 -- this is also true for land and air units]

    Is this feature functional? Does "In Reserve" and "Availabilty" work in tandem? Or are they separate features?

    IF this feature IS functional, then I guess we DO have a kind of "reinforcement queue" for all units, and for all Nations?

    3) Special Naval Units: I have deduced that 4= Pocket BBs, and 5= Battle Cruisers. I notice there is also #3= Carrier of some kind?? And so, what is the complete list, IE #s 1 and 2 and 6 and maybe 7...10?

    Is there a "Special Naval Unit" for super-battleships? Reason I ask, I wish to put the Bismark in my MOD.

    4) Hit Points/Max Hit Points: I have figured out that you have the following schematic -- BBs=8, BC=6, CA= 5, Pocket BB=4, Light-CV=6, CV= 10, and Subs=2.

    a) First, are these hard & fast for each category? Or, can I create "individualized" naval units within each category? For instance, lesser CA's might be= 3? Or, a later arriving Sub (assuming the "availabilty" IS functional) might be Subs=3?

    b) Could I get a list of how you have rated each category, from [1...10 or 10+]?

    5) Fleets: MUST exist in order to contain any number of ships, or even just one. I see where you have "sea nodes" so (again, assuming "availbility" is functional) can I have later arriving ships, such as Bismark, King George, Roma -- arrive on a named turn?

    6) Is there a way to edit the achieved research level for each unit type?

    I do not find any csv file for research, unless -- it is contained within "AI-Data?" My idea is to -- maybe, change the research levels around a bit, and what I would wish to do then is give each ship a unique level. So, for instance, I might start one of UK's BBs at L-0 (must pay to upgrade) and another at L-1 or L-2.

    My original plan was to have the ship name (this would be playing all nations -- hotseat, of course) with the date of arrival, say -- Bismark August of 1940 -- in parens right after the name. Then I would create a special fleet for each nation labeled "reserve" or "reinforcements" whatever, and NOT use them until the arrival date. Finally, I would re-name the fleet, removing the arrival date.

    But, if the "availabilty" is functional, then I can simply use that wise devise. Same for land and air units.
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