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Thread: Strategic War in Europe FAQ

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    Strategic War in Europe FAQ

    What is Strategic War in Europe?
    Strategic War in Europe is a turn based strategy game set up in the European Theater during WW2, with 25 available countries and 6 campaigns spanning from 1939 to 1944 gives a huge amount of possibilities and strategies to try, without spending huge amounts of time on single play.

    Is Strategic War in Europe available to purchase as a digital download?
    Yes, all the stores we are cooperating with are listed here:

    What countries can be played in Strategic War in Europe?
    Any country or any combination of countries can be played, if only the country was existing at the date of the campaign start.

    How long does one turn lasts?
    One turn is equal to one month.

    Can new scenarios or campaigns be created?
    Yes, this is possible with the editor and by editing some of the game files.

    Can some parts of the graphic in the game be changed?
    Yes, the assets can be easy edited or replaced.

    Is the game available on Steam?
    Strategic War in Europe is currently participating in Steam Greenlight, if you like the game you can vote it here:
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