I am VERY pleased to note that you CAN insert "events" into your modded game. Tres cool! NO doubt that this alone makes the editing of mods a potential "work of minor art" as opposed to a linear and limited palette/paradigm. Who could ask for anything more!

However, I can't for the life of me FIND any way to access the "events" folder. I have examined each and every file that even remotely resembles an -- "event" but, ack! Have not succeeded. Sure, I am liable to make mistakes, and have done so all too often as I stumble along the learning curve. Good thing I have studied Zen practises. Tho, if you have to "study" you are not actually doing Zen, eh? lol

So. Where is this ballyhoo'd "events" file? Once I find it, I can then (probably, providing the header explanation is CLEAR enough) figure out how you place these desired events into the game. Oplah -- dee.