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Thread: Some PBEM issues

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    Some PBEM issues

    I am trying to play a pbem but I found some issues:

    The first player set a new pbem games and assigned Germany to him and Great Britain, France, Canada, Poland and URSS to me, than he started the game and played the first turn as Germany, he saved and emailed me the folder zipped. I started my first turn as GB founding these issues:
    1. the minimap window had no minimap but a black background
    2. GB units was not visible, I changed counters to another set and they became visible, I changed to the first set again and counters remained visible

    3. I played the GB turn and I pressed the "Finish turn", instead of to play now as France (and then as Poland etc.) the windows of End Turn (with the message to send the turn to the German player) opened
    4. at this point the Esc button did not open the Menu unless to use first the F1 key to open the Preferences window

    I tried to start other pbem games (assigning other Countries to players) but the same issues prevented them to work.

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    Hi JMass, thanks for the feedback, we will take a look at the issue.

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