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    Yep, I opened Pandora's hat-box alright. By placing "grog-blog" in the header. OK, that's on me.

    No matter, I can talk board/computer games now and then. So long as it remains a constant -- 80% of my posts have to do with specific questions/comments/suggestions about the game at hand. Let me ponder, yep, I have done that.

    I'll even encourage ol' doomT to pitch in his zwei pfennigs! (don't know what the equivalent would be in Lodz lingo, and am too lazy to look it up!) Doubtless, it is solid, gold/precious-metal-backed monetary devise. That Euro Union can be tough banksters! OOOps, I surely meant to say -- bankers, bankers! Pardon, guess I have been reading too many American headlines these last -- day-of-locust-years since Glass-Steagall got stomped on by acting-out boy-bullies. Yeah, like that.
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