There is one currently non-functioning thing that really matters. Zone of Control.

IMHO, Armor ZOC absolutely needs to be greater than any infantry unit. I tried setting it at "2" (default of 1, for ALL units) but it does not work. In the game.

Problem here being -- it is much more difficult to replicate the whole "blitzkreig" aspect of WW2. IOW, you cut-off unit(s) and they simply move through your ZOC as if it was not there. For instance, in most recent game I THOUGHT I had by-passed a French infantry unit with my German Armor. I thought the infantry unit would then be unable to move through 2 Armor units -- side by side, one hex apart. But the infantry unit simply took all 3 of its action points and moved -- 1, 2, 3 -- right between the 2 armor units.

And so, I surely hope -- above all else in the upcoming July patch -- that you can *fix* this one very vital, and already implemented function. The zone-of-control. That would be cool shades babe!