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Thread: Vichy issues

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    Vichy issues

    If some Italian units control some hexes in South France when Vichy is created, the owner of those hexes remains France and the controller Italy.
    I found an issue in the event file, two infantry corps and an air unit should be placed when Vichy is created but the file lacks of the correct hexes of placement.

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    Some map issues:
    Astrakhan is misplaced, it should be in 66,26, maybe.
    Cyrenaica need another plain hex in 38,39 (now it is a sea hex), and a hill hex in 38,40
    Leningrad, Tobruk, Sevastopol and hex 27,40 (Mareth Line) need forts.

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    Hi JMass,

    Thanks for the feedack,

    This won't reach 1.03, but I will look at those issue with 1.04.

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