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Thread: Two for the Road

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    Two for the Road

    July is racing along to heedless conclusion, and before it hits the 2012 finish line, a couple suggestions:

    1) Divide your "air-strike" into two (2) separate and -- editable -- schemes: a) VS land targets, and b) VS at-sea targets (distinguished from port attacks).

    I was carefully examining the "const" file yesterday and realized that we could NOT "edit" the values for air VS sea targets? Could be wrong and if I am, tell me. As is, the land-based air is simply too strong when attacking ships at sea. HUGE sea, FEW & TINY search planes, see what I am driving at here? And besides, insofar as I can tell (again, tell me IF I am wrong) the Fighters based on coastal hexes CANNOT defend against TAC-as-naval-air attacks? I have NEVER seen it happen. I've stationed fighters on coastal hexes for the express purpose of defending against TAC air, and it doesn't work.

    2) This is VERY VITAL that -- even with a "minimalist" game that is designed for PBEM and letting others make it better with mods, you really, really, really need to have a way to convoy PP's to Russia. Either by:

    a) Expanding the map due north so that you can have water hexes so to establish 2 new sea-zones -- from Nowegian Sea to Arctic Sea, with a port in Russia, OR

    b) Simply put a max-fortified hex (gateway for the sea-edge) in northern Norway and a small sea-area in Russia

    Yep, right, this CAN be done in the editor but, in this instance, it so very important to have that tremendously interesting Murmansk Convoy routine, that I would surely hope this would be implemented for the default game. It is THE one thing that makes the game seem, oh IDK -- kinda unfinished, un-polished? Naturally, if this would be stuck in there, you'd have to reduce the Russian monthly income some, sure.

    Plenty of week-end left for the programmer to get busy! While you sojourn on the Baltic Sea shores doomT! Cool shades adjusted constantly!

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    Lion9, Expanding map further north and adding more and more content will make this game more and more complicated which is what we were trying to avoid.

    There is much larger, greater, wider, deeper sister of SWiE - Time of Fury, and if you want to have more advanced gameplay then try this.

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