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Thread: Playing the Days Away

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    Playing the Days Away

    OK, I have FINALLY got the thing modded so that it resembles WW2 ETO GS. Had to change, oh ~ HALF of the entire "const" file, and add many precisely appropriate units by way of land/air and sea "in reserve" units, such as super! Battleship Bismark, and Siberian transfer and MORE air units (cheaper too) all around the Euro Town.

    But, THIS is WHY I am playing the days away (hotseat; the current AI, being generous, is dumb as a sideways-leaning lamp-post):

    Once you change it dramatically, the game CAN BE a heckuva lot of plain old fun! The intricate and greatly varied land combat cannot be beat. BECAUSE of the inspired implementation of -- allowing land units to keep right on moving or attacking (multiple times even) so long as they have "action points" remaining. Good stuff!

    Now, IF you were to have many more "events," why certainly -- THAT would make the game even more wonder-full, with a greater likelihood that each game would be different -- enough. MORE "variants" also.

    Speaking of "events," we sure could use some better X-planation of how to change and add new ones. Else we have got to wait around whistling Dixie or old show-tunes UNTIL! JMass or somebody more forthcoming who -- CAN, decipher that oh, what to call it -- quasi boolian conceit. Yeh yeh yeh! I can read it. I can even change some parameters. But I cannot, now, write one from scratch. Bully for those who can, but you know, it might be grand if it was more accessible to -- your everyday average game-player. Like me.
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    Editing large amounts of XML is terribly tedious. Any chance we can get our hands on the editor generating that code?

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    Not at the moment.
    However with some experience you should be able to use parts of this and that to create new events.

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