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Thread: Sleeping Dogs

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    Sleeping Dogs

    I just recently became aware of a game coming out for the PC on 8/14/2012. It is going to the PS3 and XBOX360 as well, but I do most of my gaming on PC.

    It is very intriguing to me. A similar type game to the Grand Theft games, in the fact that it is open ended. You can go around doing what you want and not do quests if you don't want to. Set in Hong Kong modern day. I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong.

    The storyline is you are an undercover police officer trying to bring down a faction of the Triads.

    Are any of you intrigued by this type of game? I don't have any of the GTA games but I keep wondering if I should buy them when they are on sale.
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    LOL.... I played this game in my PS3 for a long time.
    In fact, i very like this dog. ahaha.. lovely.

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    Dogs are pack animals, they instinctively don't like to be alone. You and your husband are now his pack. He sees you the alphas and wants to be with you. Perhaps he thinks he is protecting you?

    Without knowing his background it's hard to say if he was neglected or if they let him do this at their house. Could be habit!

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