So I was at Matrix Games, and saw one of the threads there, but being here, only..... so I brought it here.

There is a lot of friction between users of PCs and laptops and consoles and game toys and tablets. But as I see it, they are all just electronic games, and the device in use really is never that different. Now a board game, that's different.

I recall a board game summed up like this. Nothing happens till you read the manual, not the tutorial, the whole full manual. And even then, it's a board game, the pieces won't move by themselves. No issues about AIs there are none. If you have no opponent, you cry into your pillow and play alone.

Tablets are not the enemy, they are just a device. The screens are bigger than game toys, not much bigger than a laptop but certainly not as big as a PC usually has in front of it. They're not perfect though. I have a tablet. Sure I can use it 1 handed. but, it gets heavy soon enough. They are not weightless.

PCs, well all they are is bulky big boxes of parts. They weren't meant to be carried around so no one worries how big they are. I can't use my laptop 1 handed (well I guess I could a bit, but forget typing much like that), but I can easily pick it up and go somewhere with it. But there are limits to that. Because you have to protect it. You don't just chuck around your laptop if you want it to continue working.

You can play a few (sadly very few) good wargames on a Nintendo DS (I hear the larger screen 3DS is due out), and put that thing in a pocket. That's handy, but you pay for it in small screen size. Some games will never be a good idea past a certain point.

But come on boys, these devices, they are really just different flavours of the same experience. Some have bigger screens, and some are more portable. It's nice that you have choices. With board games, you get the diningroom table, and only till we girls get annoyed with it being in the way. Board games might be the best of the best in wargaming, but they are also the hardest to find a means to play them. PC or Nintendo, board games can only dream of getting played most of the time. I see the threads lamenting.

I think my other half would give you his left jewel just for some regular card board pushing. I think most of you lot likely would be getting a good trade if it was 1 game a week, on a table, if you had to give up all electronic gaming. The thing is, that isn't seeming to be likely. So you have to settle for your electronic games. But be glad for having them. And try to get wargaming on as many of them as you can. It's a small hobby with a small number of old farts in it.