Has the human race become perhaps an overly 'sue' fixated, belligerent species only interested in self interest perhaps?

I just finished clicking through two mouse clicks to get my Steam account back to accessible. Much recent buzz has been made about this most recent alteration to their 'agreement' which people should remember, is just an agreement, not a form of law, which could just as easily be tossed out of a court room as being an attempt to usurp a person's legals rights and nothing more.

But before we go any further, the latest agreement, what reeeeeally is it about, and, is it even worth your time to give a damn about?

It is if I am correct, focused on class actions. For a video game? When was the last time you NEEDED a class action in connection with a video game?

If Steam's owners were to tell me today Joan, get lost, what would I lose? My Civ V game and 7.55 in current funds there. My Heroes V purchase and Magic the Gathering are not even worth my mentioning them seriously. Yes it would suck but lets get real here people, I'd muuuuuuch rather be a few dress sizes thinner if I really want to complain about something of value in my life.

I realize some of you blokes have quite a few games on Steam. I also realize a lot of you also likely play them as much as you play just about any of your other games after the first 3 months. You wouldn't miss them and we both know it.

Now lets leave the field of gaming, because in the end, my post is about rights in general, any rights. How many of the arguments out there connected to rights, are really just a lot of nasty attitude, and hollering for the sake of being heard? To listen to some of the people I see online, one would think we should round up anything vaguely politician looking and shoot them (for the sake of freedom you understand).

This is of course, because some people worship anarchy I guess. Because all you get with no one on top, is a lot of nobodies doing nothing about anything, and thus nothing gets done. The wheels of society grind to a halt. The roads are not repaired, utilities don't get maintained. No one is paying for hospitals and ambulances and fire rescue and police protection. Well according to some, it is more important to preserve the right to not pay for any of that to be provided eh. The average asshole worshipping the right to carry around rifles and hand guns and not pay for anything out of THEIR pocket would rather see you living in a world without order and certainly without law. Any law.

But yes we can have too much law as well. Or rather we can have too much self interested, self absorbed, me first based laws that focus on what can I get for myself regardless of how assinine. We have countries over fishing simply because they want to ignore the fact that fishing too much too efficiently is obliterating the ability of the seas to support the fish. We have people that wish to live in fine fancy homes all because they feel like it, and not care if any of that behaviour is ruining the ability of the land to support us. Much as I'd like to have a home of my own, I'd rather it was built in a manner that was sustainable with as little an impact on the environment and by reducing as little of the crop land in the area as possible. But that is not what we are doing. We make sub divisions with as many homes as possible, and we build them on the best crop lands. And then we wonder why we can't support them with basic services like waste removal.

Every time I go online, I see stories about this legal case or that legal case, and I can only just wish something truly would come along and wipe most of us out for our own good. We are becoming such a pathetic species incapable of even the most basic logical behaviour, and more harm to ourselves than good. And we do it all under the guise of it being our 'right' to do it.
We do our best to learn and advance our knowledge, and then we get all butt hurt when we are not permitted to drag along all of our primitive superstitions. We do our best to advance our lifestyles and quality of living conditions, and then we make a sham of it all in the guise of primitive cultural methods.

Some days I wish mother nature would hurry up and let us have the right to all get what we all so richly deserve.

We slaughter ourselves in the name of imaginary beings. We slaughter each other over bits of dirt. We slaughter each other just for looking different, for acting different, for just having a bit more junk than the other person. We fiddle with dangerous science and the only reason we can give in most cases is 'well someone would do it eventually' and reckon that is enough reason to be the one responsible for avoidable mistakes. We write laws meant to protect society on the surface, and then we do nothing but use them against the victims. We create jobs meant to judge and then we prevent them from judging.

There is a right none of us deserve. The right to get away with all this crap any longer.