Incredible, I was going to grab the game up as 60% off of almost nothing is too little to get fussy over. Thought I would get the game and fiddle with it a bit to see if it really is ok etc etc etc.

I am surprised though, that the only reason I am not now downloading my purchase is I can't use a Hotmail account!

Are we both on the same planet? I have 3 hotmail accounts, and each of them is apparently good for virtually any other form of use I have ever needed them for. My Steam games use hotmail, and I use hotmail for Paypal. All of my Matrix Games/Slitherine serials are currently sitting in a folder on a hotmail account for easy access.

Is this some sort of weird Polish problem? I'm confused gentlemen. I was initially thinking of getting the Strategy Pack and I was actually going to give away the serial to Time of Wrath as we already own it here. But it seems I won't be getting anything if I can't use my email address. This absolutely HAS to have screwed you guys out of perfectly good sales in the past. I refuse to think it hasn't. I am not going to demand you fix this problem though, it's your head ache, fix it or not at your discretion, but you just slammed the door in my face basically.

I'm a bit miffed right now. If you want the sale, I expect you to come to ME with your hat in your hand and with a solution present before you arrive thank you.