A new comprehensive update for Strategic War in Europe has been released.

Among some fixes and tweaks we have spent some time to adapt and adjust Naval OOB, as we wanted the game to be faster, also reduced number of Naval vessels has got great impact on the game balance in later Campaigns.

Use the Autoupdater and download the patch as soon as possible.

2012-08-10 [v1.03]

Corrected issues with calculating supply delivered by convoys to the units
Fixed problems with PBEM games
Fixed units stationed in Vichy for 1941 and 1942 campaigns
War between Italy and Axis Minors turned off for 1941 campaign

Possibility to lock maximum effectiveness for land units. Country customizable through consts.ini files

Naval OOB has been updated

French AI more willing to defend Maginot Line and Paris in 1939 and 1940 campaigns (still a slight chance they will flee)

Updated version # of the scenarios
Added web links in the main menu