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Thread: Hi folks

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    Hi folks

    Hi, my compliments on a great site, I found you on facebook.

    A little about me, please forgive me that it is taken from my youtube channel (acesartwork123) bio.

    I'm Interested in military history and producing 3D models and/or graphics mods for simulation games including Battle of Britain II Wings of Victory, IL-2 Sturmovik, Silent Hunter III and Steel Fury.

    Most of my work is driven by my enthusiasm and interest (read obsession) for adding the small historically accurate details that are often ommited in the games.

    "IL-2 MAT Manager" (for IL-2 Sturmovik series) program co-developer, Silent Hunter III "Super Turms", "Super Pens", "Crew on Deck" and other mods, Multi-Skin Bombers developer for Wings of Victory BDG version 2.10 + various Steel Fury mods inlcuding SdkFz 251 model, crew and textures mod.

    BoB Development Group (a great bunch of chaps) team member.


    All the best


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    Hello Folk

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