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Thread: load saved game CTD(China Campaign 1937)

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    load saved game CTD(China Campaign 1937)

    I bought the Game on Desura(ver1.10), and installation under Win7 64 runs ok. and I have changed the China Campaign 1937 cities.csv file (just changed some city name from eng to chn). The scenarios for normal running is ok unless loading the saved game. I always got error(Critical error at line 227. No city at given coordinates?) and crash to Desktop, (see attached consoleout.txt 2 rar file). pls help. Thanks!
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    I need to see the file you have changed and the save game.
    Please send it to support[at]
    please include a link to this thread.

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    Just sent the related files to you by email, hope you can help me to solve this problem. thanks a lot.

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    BTW, can you also check this thread: http://forum.wastelands-interactive....816-SOP-editor
    maybe I just post it to the wrong place, sorry.

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