Perhaps I am wrong but it seems SWIE is impossible to play versus AI. I have playecd the 39 ,41,42,43 ,44 campaigns as USSR and only in the latter was there a chance for victory. The '43 allows one to survive but just. Forget the allies if the USSR loses so does everyone else. At least that is historical.
So how about the German side? Well here I was all ready to invade Russia in June 41, intelligence indicated that the Soviets had 9 inf armies 1 arm corps, and 1 arm army.
Since I had 5 arm corps, and 2 arm army with 7 inf armies and 12 inf corp, I figured walk over. In the first months so it was but come august the Russian fielded 8 arm armies out of the blue. Even though I had captured Rige,Minsk, Kiev my campaign was as good as over.
I don't know where the arm armies came from but with that kind of instant build I stood no chance. My conclusion on this otherwise great game is the AI has way too much advantage.
Therefore the only way to enjoy this, for one who is not masochistically inclined to losing,
is to play this game in PBEM. Henceforth my efforts will be directed towards that direction. I've had enough of hitting my head against the wall to continue to challenge this unbeatablel AI.
So look for me in opponents wanted nothing else makes any sense.