why not rename mentalism in arcane? i dont see universal spell available to everybody, so arcane here is mind control, illusions, divination, but also metamagic?

stealing enchantment (unit enchantment or skill, spell stealer, can steal attacked unit enchantments, maybe chance with normal attack or special non damaging instead of normal attack)
teleportation is summoning (learn to send and receive object, how are summoned creatures brought)
if implemented as spell than enchanting item is here (but need other circles of more choices to enchant, instead of just effects in mentalism)
summon hero/champions is summoning
spell lock from mom is here
time stop

spell of return is troublesome here, everybody have it, but by above definition its mentalism that not everybody need to have and there is no mention so fare of universal spells for everybody or havent seen it at least. same with spell of mastery, very metaphysical spell, meta-magic theory field, where does it go? maybe less of trouble if everybody can learn mentalism during game trough research but fare from good solution, but someone who go all destruction (Armageddon, destroy world spells) or summoning (great armies of monsters) probably mostly go for military victory, but not perfect anyway