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Thread: The Spell System

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    why not rename mentalism in arcane? i dont see universal spell available to everybody, so arcane here is mind control, illusions, divination, but also metamagic?

    stealing enchantment (unit enchantment or skill, spell stealer, can steal attacked unit enchantments, maybe chance with normal attack or special non damaging instead of normal attack)
    teleportation is summoning (learn to send and receive object, how are summoned creatures brought)
    if implemented as spell than enchanting item is here (but need other circles of more choices to enchant, instead of just effects in mentalism)
    summon hero/champions is summoning
    spell lock from mom is here
    time stop

    spell of return is troublesome here, everybody have it, but by above definition its mentalism that not everybody need to have and there is no mention so fare of universal spells for everybody or havent seen it at least. same with spell of mastery, very metaphysical spell, meta-magic theory field, where does it go? maybe less of trouble if everybody can learn mentalism during game trough research but fare from good solution, but someone who go all destruction (Armageddon, destroy world spells) or summoning (great armies of monsters) probably mostly go for military victory, but not perfect anyway

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    I'm really excited about this spell system. Don't really care about names, but I agree with staying with more common terms than from the D20 setup, but I'm sure that's just because I've never played anything with D20.

    - I agree with keeping life and death separate. I agree there may be some neat combinations with both life and death but having both books just seems wrong somehow.
    - While spell randomness seems nice for re-playability I think some spells (both weaker and more powerful) need to be guaranteed to be able to be researched. I would hate to have books in life and not have any unit healing spells. Same goes for having all books in blue and not being able to cast the equivalent of Great Drakes.
    - I really liked the system of MoM, where based on your number of books in a colour you got to to pick a certain number of low level spells to start with. I disliked the fact that sometimes no matter how many books you had in a colour there may be spells that you could not research as they were hidden in some ruins somewhere. I know having the spells to be researched determined solely by initial picks and not having chance as a factor could be seen as lessening re-playability but I feel the re-playability is already huge based on the spell circles, races, and a random map.
    - Please tell me the map is random.
    - I think some spells should be outside the circles or, maybe included in all circles so that anyone can cast them. Such things (from MoM of course) would be magic/guardian spirit. I also believe some other spells such as summon hero/champion, and create item/artifact should be available to everyone. Other circles such as summoning would of course lesson the cost of casting/researching the summoning spell, same for whatever circle controls artifacts, and there may be a champion like Torin that can only be summoned if you have books in summoning. Maybe a champion for each of the elements that can only be summoned if you have 5 or more books in that element? Basically I've always felt that the champions were a huge part of MoM and I would hate to be restricted to being able to summon champions and create artifacts for them to only a few circles. I would want to be able to still get my champions and arm them if I have all spell books in destruction.
    - Basically I think it is important that the circles picked should only determine the champions summoned, and the powers the artifacts can have, not the ability to summon champions or create artifacts.

    Hope this makes sense.

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